Scatterdays ‘R’


Week Two of Scatterdays is brought to you by the Letter R and the topics Transport, Mammals, Technology and an R from my sewing room.

First up is Transport and we have a Red Rickshaw. It was difficult to find one in action during daylight hours which didn’t require a $5 bribe tip, so I had to make do with this stationary model in a local Department store for their Chinese New Year festivities.

Red Rickshaw

Red Rickshaw

Number Two is Mammals. Very tricky. Darling Daughter said there were some great specimens  lurking at the  rear of some restaurant kitchens near the Quays in the evenings. She couldn’t be persuaded to help and even I couldn’t stoop to that even in the name of art.   So my mammal is still a Rat, albeit a cute, shiny one which would be quite at home on any mantlepiece. He is one of the Chinese New Year zodiac symbols and again was on display for the upcoming CNY celebrations.



Our third topic, Technology was an easy one. This piece of 21st century equipment is “the” “most” “used” in my Singapore kitchen and the family agree that, unlike the popcorn maker, waffle machine and electric wine cooler, which all lurk at the back of the cupboard, this one is the best appliance purchase ever.  It’s our fabulous, computerised Rice Cooker which means no more slushy, gluggy, awful rice stuck to the bottom of the pan!  It even has the honour of living permanently out of the cupboard on top of the kitchen bench.

Rice Cooker

Finally, some Red from the sewing room.



Scatterdays 2013

Poor neglected blog.  Well it’s a new year, with new resolutions and what better time to start something new.

Cinzia is hosting Scatterdays on her blog.  She will nominate themes and a letter and particpants will add photos to their blog to fit the themes.  The first letter is “W” and the themes are:

ExpensiveExciting; Music and WIP (a Work in Progress with a nod to our connections in patchwork and quilting)

Our family enjoyed a week away just before Christmas where I sat and contemplated the letter “W”.  “Expensive” fitted the theme well – this was possibly one of the most expensive family holidays ever for us, so I am including pictures of the beautiful Water.

My own piece of Water

My own piece of Water

Water Sunset Maldives Dec2012

Water Sunset Maldives Dec2012


Last weekend we attended a Wedding – exciting for me as this was the first time I had attended a Malay wedding.  The bride and groom changed from their traditional dress into more western style outfits, but still very ornate.  I couldn’t decide on one photo, so added a few just to show how different cultures celebrate.

Music was a tricky one.  We celebrated New Year at a loud party with lots of music and Whistles, however the photos are not very flattering to either the photographer (me) or any of the subjects.  Yesterday during a Wild and Windy thunderstorm, my Windchime at the back door was creating quite a lot of music, so here it is…


The final theme, WIP, was the most difficult.  I kept looking at this kit of hexagons which I bought in Liberty London during the year and thinking WHY??


Looking forward to the next instalment.

Far Quarter Frustration

Off to the local shops I went, in search of some masculine type fabrics suitable for teen boys. So much here is dull and dowdy, but I thought these red and blue FQs were perfect.


One annoying thing is all the awful, plastic packaging we still have to contend with. Shame I couldn’t read the label either…


Opening it up I know enough French to see it’s Christmas fabric….grrrr


Unfold it a bit further and see this horrid dotty border and all the hearts…yuck

The only redeeming feature is the lovely quality….but it is not going in my boy blocks. Yet another waste of time, money and plastic packaging.

Bloggers BOM & Birthday Blocks

Slowly adding to my pile for the Bloggers BOM using fabrics from Kaffe Fassett and a neutral spotty background.  I have doubled up on a couple plus left one out as it just didn’t work.

My quilt group surprised me a few weeks ago with some blocks made for my birthday and used an online tutorial for a block I’d indicated I really liked.  It was a total surprise and don’t they look fabulous together.

The block is called “Another Star” and Faith from Fresh Lemons Quilts has used the design as part of her Solstice Stars Series – a gorgeous star sampler quilt in fresh, modern colours.  I am thinking I might make some of the other Star blocks now to go with them. Decisions, decisions.