Happy Easter!

I managed to smuggle some Hot Cross Buns into the country which we enjoyed on Good Friday.

However the local ones we found were awful and full of peel, which no-one likes. We got out

the trusty Women’s Weekly cookbook and whipped up a batch this morning……very yummy.


Then the hunt was on for Easter Eggs. Could have kicked myself for not buying them weeks ago

when I saw them in the shops. However, did manage to locate some in Candy Empire all the way

from Pink Lady in Melbourne, which are the most smooth & divine tasting chocolate….



Happy Easter!

This is what I miss about home! A good, old-fashioned chocolate shop, stocked for Easter with all sorts of goodies, very generous taste-testing, choccy coated licorice and giant chocolate frogs made from the smoothest, yummiest chocolate.

Not the best quality photo, but only had my phone handy and just wanted to get in to the crowded shop!