Going Home

When you live on a small, bustling, noisy, overcrowded island, which never seems to sleep, it is heaven to visit the landscape of your childhood where the colours are clear and vibrant; there are no buildings, crowds and the air smells clean.

peace, quiet and a few kangaroos near sunset

a hot, hot, day

40c in the shade


Gili Trawangan Island 2011

We had a quick few days in the picturesque Gilis Islands, Indonesia, during July.  The rest of the family went scuba diving, whilst I cruised around on my battered old pushbike.  There are no motorised vehicles on the island, so transport is your legs, pushbikes or a donkey and cart.  No TV or radio, but I did find a little cafe where there was some wi-fi.

Gili Islands, Lombok 2011

Happy New Year!

A few snaps of our family holiday over Christmas / New Year in Malaysia.

The bus we all wanted to ride on….the “First Class Massage Coach”

XmasHolidays2009 099

KL from hotel window and very wet…

XmasHolidays2009 112

Two quite different sides to Penang…

XmasHolidays2009 134XmasHolidays2009 137

My favourite…the Cameron Highlands…

XmasHolidays2009 176    ….then found this on the pillow….    XmasHolidays2009 224and finally Malacca…

XmasHolidays2009 269    XmasHolidays2009 286