Far Quarter Frustration

Off to the local shops I went, in search of some masculine type fabrics suitable for teen boys. So much here is dull and dowdy, but I thought these red and blue FQs were perfect.


One annoying thing is all the awful, plastic packaging we still have to contend with. Shame I couldn’t read the label either…


Opening it up I know enough French to see it’s Christmas fabric….grrrr


Unfold it a bit further and see this horrid dotty border and all the hearts…yuck

The only redeeming feature is the lovely quality….but it is not going in my boy blocks. Yet another waste of time, money and plastic packaging.


Happiness is……

a parcel full of fabric!

Have been a little under the weather and DH said there was a parcel waiting at home from WA (Western Australia) for me.  It was actually (WA) in the US.

It was some lovely, new quilting fabric all the way from Quilt Home  in the USA.  This is one of my favourite websites for drooling over gorgeous patterns and fabrics, all bright and modern and just itching with possibilities. Some of it is for my quilt for the Singapore Log Cabin Challenge, but obviously I can’t show you any of that yet.

 log cabin challenge 013

Hopefully Mr Postman will have some more goodies soon.

New Fabrics

Decided to make a laundry bag for Miss14 to try and keep the clothes off the floor.  They don’t ever make it to the existing laundry bin, so I’m hoping a colourful bag might do the trick.  I found these fabrics at one of our local shops in Chinatown. They are ‘Flower Sugar’ from Lecien fabrics in Japan.  At only A$14 equivalent per metre – I think they are a bargain!