Scatterdays 2013

Poor neglected blog.  Well it’s a new year, with new resolutions and what better time to start something new.

Cinzia is hosting Scatterdays on her blog.  She will nominate themes and a letter and particpants will add photos to their blog to fit the themes.  The first letter is “W” and the themes are:

ExpensiveExciting; Music and WIP (a Work in Progress with a nod to our connections in patchwork and quilting)

Our family enjoyed a week away just before Christmas where I sat and contemplated the letter “W”.  “Expensive” fitted the theme well – this was possibly one of the most expensive family holidays ever for us, so I am including pictures of the beautiful Water.

My own piece of Water

My own piece of Water

Water Sunset Maldives Dec2012

Water Sunset Maldives Dec2012


Last weekend we attended a Wedding – exciting for me as this was the first time I had attended a Malay wedding.  The bride and groom changed from their traditional dress into more western style outfits, but still very ornate.  I couldn’t decide on one photo, so added a few just to show how different cultures celebrate.

Music was a tricky one.  We celebrated New Year at a loud party with lots of music and Whistles, however the photos are not very flattering to either the photographer (me) or any of the subjects.  Yesterday during a Wild and Windy thunderstorm, my Windchime at the back door was creating quite a lot of music, so here it is…


The final theme, WIP, was the most difficult.  I kept looking at this kit of hexagons which I bought in Liberty London during the year and thinking WHY??


Looking forward to the next instalment.


9 thoughts on “Scatterdays 2013

  1. Fantastic Fun!

    I’m looking forward to the WIP in your next blog. I’ve spent all day working on one of mine; changing the layout, adding different blocks for “texture” etc… Encourage me – work on yours.


  2. You said Why? to the Liberty kit, because you can and life is far too short, so why not spoil yourself. Great set of photos, both the bride and the view of the Maldives are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful place for a holiday. Can just imagine lounging on that beach. The wedding looks beautiful and those Liberty fabrics, wow beautiful. Now to get organised for the letter ‘R’.

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