Friendship Blocks

Our Singapore quilt group has quite a revolving membership, most of us being expats on varying lengths of postings.

We try and make a block for those leaving – which can take many forms.  One of our group is leaving this week.  Being a typical quilter, she found a design she liked on the floor of a shopping centre in Singapore!

The idea is great.  The design looked good.


I printed out the pattern pieces;  began to look in my pile of blue & green batiks –



I tried to get it right – 4 times!!  Something was definitely screwy somewhere and going back to basics with the calculator and ruler still did not help.  This is 3rd attempt….


Although I love the colours in this one, something bizarre happened with the pinwheels in the centre and instead of being 12.5” it came out about 10.5”

Next effort….


By this time I was running out of the fabrics I really liked, so I ditched the pattern and worked it out myself.  Size is ok, all the points meet, but not sure about colour placements.


Oh well, sorry Tiiu.  At least you will have a block tomorrow.  But I’m not happy and will persist until I produce the stunner!


Beautiful Batiks

In Penang, Malaysia, I visited a batik factory.  Everything is done the old-fashioned way and many of the designs were one-offs – made for companies and uniforms.
Very time consuming and makes my efforts at batik look particularly feeble!
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