On my Design Wall….Swooning

This pattern – Swoon – has been in the To Do Pile for six months or more.  After waiting nearly three months for the fabrics to arrive from o/s, they finally found the cutting mat and blocks 1 and 2 are complete.

While I was waiting so patiently (not!) for said fabrics, I hit the scrap bin and whipped up a block called ‘Goose In a Puddle’ from one of Bonnie Hunter’s books.  This block is approx 14″ unfinished, so you can see the Swoon Blocks are monster sized at 24″.

Swoon 1 and Swoon 2 (sounds like something from Dr Seuss)

Tripod Beanbag

During my photography classes, we need to use a tripod.  They can be cumbersome to lug about and set up, especially outdoors.  Our tutors use small beanbags which are easy to carry and can be plonked onto any sturdy surface, which allows your camera to rest still at all sorts of angles.

I have been waiting for the right project to use this cute fabric.

I filled a separate fabric pouch with dried beans and stitched it closed, so they won’t escape and the local wildlife won’t be able to feast on the contents too easily. You could use rice or polystyrene beads as well.  For travelling you could just use the outer cover and fill it with something at your destination.

And here it is ready for action!

Going Home

When you live on a small, bustling, noisy, overcrowded island, which never seems to sleep, it is heaven to visit the landscape of your childhood where the colours are clear and vibrant; there are no buildings, crowds and the air smells clean.

peace, quiet and a few kangaroos near sunset

a hot, hot, day

40c in the shade

Elephant Parade 2011

The elephants have paraded around other cities over the past couple of years and now it is Singapore’s turn. 162 of the baby life-sized elephants were painted and decorated by various artists and local celebrities. An auction will be held, along with the sale of 1000’s of miniature versions, to raise money and awareness of the plight of the Asian elephants and their fragile habitats.