Blogger’s BOM 6

We are up to Block No 6 – a Star Block from Amy at Diary of a Quilter


Bloggers Block of the Month

Now I don’t really need to start another BOM, especially as the last one is still waiting to be put together, but when stress strikes and is out of your control, this has to be better for the soul than a bag of crisps or block of chocolate.   I am going to use only fabric or scraps which are already lurking in the cupboard.

Block 1 from "A Quilting Life"


I know, I know – shouldn’t be starting another Block of the Month before the last one is finished.
It’s called The Circle Game from Amitie.  Loving the fabrics and the design.

These are blocks 1,2 and 3.  Block one (the top one) was a cinch;  Block two (on the right) was awful and block 3 simple as well.
Started off hand-piecing, but confess I am really a product of the century I live in, meaning I love technology and especially my sewing machine.
Got my BOM buddy to keep me up-to-date with this one, so I can finish something!!
And one more pic today of something else I’ve been working on…
HopeValley Quilt

Block of the Month – Star Surprise

I need some more space in my teeny sewing room and have found some UFOs which really need to be finished.
This one has been hanging around for a while now – if I have been away from home for 2.5 years, then it must  be 3 years overdue …yikes.  This block of the month came from Amitie in Melbourne and is called Star Surprise
by Trish Harper.  I started sewing the blocks by hand, but realistically it will be another 3 years if I continue at this snail’s pace, so have done 3 blocks this week by machine.  They are all 12” blocks

StarSurprise Quilt 11 BlackfordsBeauty_edited-1   StarSurprise Quilt 14 BlackForestTorte
StarSurprise Quilt 6 WritersBlock_edited-1  StarSurprise Quilt 13 TuesdaysChild_edited-1
StarSurprise 8 Song&Dance  StarSurprise Quilt 15 GeorgiaPeach_edited-1