Scatterdays ‘R’


Week Two of Scatterdays is brought to you by the Letter R and the topics Transport, Mammals, Technology and an R from my sewing room.

First up is Transport and we have a Red Rickshaw. It was difficult to find one in action during daylight hours which didn’t require a $5 bribe tip, so I had to make do with this stationary model in a local Department store for their Chinese New Year festivities.

Red Rickshaw

Red Rickshaw

Number Two is Mammals. Very tricky. Darling Daughter said there were some great specimens  lurking at the  rear of some restaurant kitchens near the Quays in the evenings. She couldn’t be persuaded to help and even I couldn’t stoop to that even in the name of art.   So my mammal is still a Rat, albeit a cute, shiny one which would be quite at home on any mantlepiece. He is one of the Chinese New Year zodiac symbols and again was on display for the upcoming CNY celebrations.



Our third topic, Technology was an easy one. This piece of 21st century equipment is “the” “most” “used” in my Singapore kitchen and the family agree that, unlike the popcorn maker, waffle machine and electric wine cooler, which all lurk at the back of the cupboard, this one is the best appliance purchase ever.  It’s our fabulous, computerised Rice Cooker which means no more slushy, gluggy, awful rice stuck to the bottom of the pan!  It even has the honour of living permanently out of the cupboard on top of the kitchen bench.

Rice Cooker

Finally, some Red from the sewing room.