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4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I’m coming to Singapore for the first time (with husband) to visit with son for two months. Just today I wondered if there might be a quilt guild or group there that I could join. Maybe to meet some like minded ladies, and just sit and sew. I will connect with you via email and get an address, or phone number. I expect to have my lap top, so that may be my form of communication. Looking very forward to meeting you, seeing what is available there, and what is different in the fabric dept.

  2. Hi. I found two groups that were very welcoming. One was the ANZA Association, and the other the American Association. I’ve been able to attend ANZA the most. Thanks for trying, but the contact with you didn’t come in, or I just didn’t see it till today. Probably just my lack of skills. ,I’ll keep working on it. Thanks

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