Happy Lunar New Year!

Some local colour to celebrate – blossoms and peonies, together with some eucalyptus leaves from home. According to the guy who made this up, they are known as “lucky money leaves”


The quilt group enjoyed a CNY lunch, complete with “Yu Sheng” the seafood & salad dish, peculiar to Singapore, which must be tossed high in the air by everyone to usher in a long year of prosperity!

quilts 037

The waiter mixes each ingredient separately, which are all specific meanings and wishes for the coming year. My wish was for more members for our quilt group!

quilts 039


Another Year, another Christmas Tree!

I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by.  As always,

another huge tree in one of our local shopping centres, plus

incessant Christmas music which begins way too early!  This

pic was taken in the first week of November!


The Welcome Mat & Happy Birthday!

One thing I love about living in Asia is everyone removing their shoes before coming in to your home.  This pic was early on Saturday before Miss14’s Big Party.  I think they are all girls’ shoes, boy are they big!004
Another thing I love is that it’s always hot (well, I don’t love it all the time) and guaranteed great weather for a Pool Party. Miss 14 turned 15 and the party was great fun, apart from the complaints about the noise!  I’ve Photoshopped some pics of the party.


We had a tower of cupcakes for the birthday cake, which was a great idea – it all got eaten for a change.
Mr Milo was exhausted afterwards!

Local Wildlife

Yesterday when Milo McD and I were out walking we saw one of these –


 Sea Eagle

It was walking along the ground a few metres from us and eyed the dog hungrily when he barked at it.

Most days we will see one or more like these in the jungle area across from our house –


Asian Fairy Bluebird    




Asian Glossy Starling

However, today we came across something really scary…….one of these –



The guards at our Condo call Mr Milo “Nooorty Dog” because of his antics with residents riding motorbikes, bicycles, skateboards etc. 

We were walking along the grassy patch in front of the fence and he spied this “big stick”.  Luckily I had him on the leash and thankfully tight on the leash as sometimes residents let their dogs roam free in this area.  Mr Milo was just beginning to sniff and check it out, when the stick’s ugly head reared up.  Now I am not a fan of many things in the wild – mice, frogs & cockroaches spring to mind, and they are all in plentiful supply in our neighbourhood.  I often wondered how I’d react if I did see a snake and now I know.  I can move pretty fast if I have to!   And it wasn’t any old snake – it was one of those most deadly Cobras. 

We then alerted the guards and stayed to watch them, a) go and find it, b) go and tell every other employee nearby, and c) try to catch  and deal with it.  This took a good half hour and was like watching an old episode of Keystone Kops.  I was impressed though.  They did catch it using big poles with rope, didn’t kill it, but had it with the rope around the neck dragging it along.  They then have to  contact the Singapore wildlife people to come and get it.  

While we were standing around making sure it was gone, one of my neighbours told me she has found two of them in her house in the past two months.  I so wish she hadn’t told me that. 

The upshot is Mr Milo is now being called “Mr Hero” and “Goood Boy”

Out and about in Singapore

When I hear the name Christian Lacroix I can’t help thinking of Edie in Ab Fab and the wonderful 1980’s fashion she wore from this great designer.

The National Art Museum in Singapore is currently staging an exhibition of the designer’s work,consisting of Operatic costumes, theatrical designs and some of his more way-out fashion creations.

christian lacroix 001

Even the artist sketches are beautiful and Miss14 and I were both really inspired by Lacroix’s work.

christian lacroix 002

christian lacroix 003

Peranakan Museum Singapore

A visit to the new Singapore Peranakan Museum showed some lovely textiles and beadwork. The Peranakans or Nyonyas are known for their elaborate wedding attire, beaded shoes and bags and the distinctive bright colours of their ceramics, Nyonyaware.

These beaded shoes are still on the beading loom.

Unfortunately no flash photography was allowed, so it’s difficult to see the true colours.

The embroidery and beading on this pageboy wedding outfit is magnificent.

The tiled floor outside the kitchen could be a new design for a quilt!

The beadweaving is almost a forgotten art, but has been rediscovered by a local woman who now teaches classes.