Many Nationalities having fun

One group of friends has a weekly therapy session where we let off steam about the irritations of living in another culture.  One of the benefits of an expat environment though, is living amongst so many different cultures.  Our children are extremely fortunate (they will thank us one day!) to attend schools which celebrate this wonderful diversity.  The annual United Nations night at our school is a wonderful celebration of the 75+ different nationalities of students who attend.  The students wear national dress – the Aussie kids seem to favour green and gold rugby jumpers and Flag tattoos in the absence of a national costume.  With minimal help from staff and parents, food stalls abound and then a fabulous dance production showcasing the many cultures.

On a glorious, balmy evening we sampled food from China, India, Singapore, USA, NZ, Sweden, Canada, Japan, Africa, Australia, Holland, Cambodia, Philippines, Germany, Thailand and more….it was amazing.   To see the African students doing the graceful Vietnamese dance,  Indian kids doing Rap and the Chinese ribbon dance, blonde caucasians bopping to wild Indian music and Asian kids doing the NZ Haka was a real thrill.  Congratulations kids on a wonderful event.


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