Block of the Month – Star Surprise

I need some more space in my teeny sewing room and have found some UFOs which really need to be finished.
This one has been hanging around for a while now – if I have been away from home for 2.5 years, then it must  be 3 years overdue …yikes.  This block of the month came from Amitie in Melbourne and is called Star Surprise
by Trish Harper.  I started sewing the blocks by hand, but realistically it will be another 3 years if I continue at this snail’s pace, so have done 3 blocks this week by machine.  They are all 12” blocks

StarSurprise Quilt 11 BlackfordsBeauty_edited-1   StarSurprise Quilt 14 BlackForestTorte
StarSurprise Quilt 6 WritersBlock_edited-1  StarSurprise Quilt 13 TuesdaysChild_edited-1
StarSurprise 8 Song&Dance  StarSurprise Quilt 15 GeorgiaPeach_edited-1


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